About Us

Designlab was founded in 1997 by a group of interior designers with a strong commitment to integrity & professionalism. We have been doing the right thing for our customers, employees, business partners. Our competiveness is gradually developed under the following elements :
Our goal is simply to provide effective office solutions to office users. Meeting their expectation and requirement will definitely leads to a sense of achievement to all our team members. We are going to design and build a better world.
We do not just do our job, but want to do it right. To meet client's expectation, jobs must be done by competent people, who have sufficient technical knowledge and skill. More important is : our team members have a great sense of responsibility and they are prepared to contribute with real value.
During the course of providing office solutions, our team members are always encouraged to learn, explore, exchange and improve, either technically and morally. We believe that sustainable career will not exist without integrity. We take it as the foundation of professional competence.